Commercial Fire Reno

Despard Contracting recently completed a complex commercial fire renovation project in the Cowichan Valley. The property, located on the 4th floor of an apartment building, was severely damaged by a fire that had ripped through and burnt off much of the roof. Despard Contracting was tasked with completely overhauling the space, requiring a full teardown of the roof to the 3rd floor and a complete rebuild from trusses up.

The scope of work included prepping for new electrical wiring, plumbing, windows, insulation and drywall. In addition to standard materials such as wood and nails, special consideration had to be taken when sourcing components as many were not readily available in order to accurately match what existed before the fire occurred. With expert knowledge and skillful execution, Despard Contracting was able to successfully complete this commercial renovation project in a timely manner and according to budget constraints.

Throughout the entire process, safety was paramount with careful attention paid each step of the way to ensure proper procedure was followed. To further protect against future damage caused by fire or other external sources, special precautions were taken by applying flame-retardant material where necessary along with other additional measures designed to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

 The client for this project expressed their gratitude for Despard Contracting’s commitment to quality craftsmanship throughout its completion. Despard Contracting is proud of its successful completion of this challenging commercial fire renovation project in Cowichan Valley showcasing our team’s ability to create high quality results within tight deadlines under difficult conditions; a feat that makes us stand out amongst competitors in our industry!