Complete Dock Build in the Cowichan Valley

Despard Contracting recently completed a massive dock build in the Cowichan Valley, made to client satisfaction and beyond. This dock project was an extensive one, with some of its features including a pergola and a 10ft wide boat slip.

Despard Contracting Construction Process

The construction process of this project took roughly two months to complete. From the start, Despard Contracting worked closely with the customer to ensure that every detail was built according to their desired specifications. The entire project was handled by our professional team of workers with years of experience in dock construction and design in order to deliver the highest quality product.

Our team began by clearing out the area where the dock would be located. We then used marine-grade materials such as wood and treated steel beams to create a sturdy foundation for the new structure. After carefully measuring out all aspects of the design, our workers began constructing the pergola and boat slip using pressure-treated lumber and stainless steel fasteners. During this process, we also installed support beams for extra stability, as well as built in benches around the perimeter for added comfort.

The end result was a beautiful dock built with unparalleled quality that will last for years to come. Thanks to our hard-working experts at Despard Contracting, this Cowichan Valley family now has access to a safe and dependable boat slip combined with an aesthetically pleasing pergola; perfect for relaxing on warm summer days.